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 WOLF Code of Conduct and Bill of Rights

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PostSubject: WOLF Code of Conduct and Bill of Rights   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:52 am

WOLF code of conduct

1. No flaming, spamming or swearing on ANY levels.
2. Do not flame or spam other members.
4. No whining
5. If I say something that is serious and important, it is final and not open to discussion
6. Be active on the forunms
7. H4H is evil Twisted Evil . Any WOLF member found H4Hing will be kicked from WOLF.
8. No drama.
9. No butthurt
10. The only reason WOLF takes part in clan wars is for teh lulz

WOLF Bill of Rights

1. You have a right to your ideas
2. You have a right to your opinions (Freedom of Speech)
3. You have a right to remain silent about your levels.
4. You have a right to abstain from taking part in a clan war.
5. You have a right to humor.

Also, WOLF is not out to take over LBP. We are not going to be "the dominent clan", or "take over the world". If you think that's whats going to happen, you can leave. Why? Simply because its impossible, LBP is just a game, and that would be no fun.

WOLF is a demoractic distatorship. I hold 50% of the power, and the rest of WOLF holds the rest.
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WOLF Code of Conduct and Bill of Rights
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