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 HY3NA News

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PostSubject: HY3NA News   Mon May 30, 2011 1:47 am

I posted this on the HY3NA Forums, but nobody goes on it even if they're members. So here's the news.

Okay here is the scoop. Me and some people from baconville (Server IP have been planning our own server. Completily independent. That would mean this forum name would change and we would have out own server just for us.

Now it is still in thought. If you wish to see more of our planning you can log into baconville, and after your a trusted member you /tptoggle so people can't teleport to you. Then use /warp server101 . That's not going to be the name btw.

It's going to be a medeival server, with districts, citys, ranks, etc. All you here will become Dukes. Basically the moderators. But remember this is a RPG server. You will be able to build your own house, where as others can only change the inside.

We are going to have our own texturepack just for the server. So everything will be based like that. So Just for the heads up we may be changing this forum, we may even have it run off the server we're going to be paying for.

We're hoping to get the server running soon so we can start working on the city, and maybe get a paypal account for donations.

So this forum may be changed, or completily moved. But not abandoned. We shall live soon!

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HY3NA News
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