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 The Ranking System

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PostSubject: The Ranking System   Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:43 am

I have added some changes to the ranking system. Here goes:

Here is a good visual aid for you
Cabinet members
Team Members
The dirt

How to get promoted

  • Be a decent creator
  • Work Hard
  • Shows good orgainzation

Promotions come one of two ways. Either a person above you gives you the promotion, or I will give you a promotion personally. The only exception to this is recruits to Team members, and Cabinet Members. To become a Team Member, you must take part in a few levels, and reach 20 posts on any LBP related site. Cabinet members are elected to their posts by WOLF Team members.

Please Note: The only active ranks right now are Sergeants, Team Members, recruits, and me. This is because of our small numbers. (As of right now)

Have any questions? Pm me.
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The Ranking System
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